Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine encompasses many procedures and methods, and there have been incredible advancements in regenerative medicine research in recent years. Our regenerative treatments focus on helping your body heal from within. With regenerative medicine, your body may heal itself from the inside, using growth factors and cells to counteract degeneration. Treatments may also help with neuropathy, joint pain, and ligament injuries.

Looking for a treatment for your pain that does not involve surgery or pain medications? Interested in learning more about regenerative medicine?  We provide this alternative option to treat joint pain, tissue damage, neuropathy, and osteoarthritis because we want you to live a pain-free life by healing your body naturally.

Want to learn more about how our regenerative medicine services at American Physical Medicine may be able to help you overcome pain and injuries?  Please give us a call today to schedule your free consultation!

Looking for information on regenerative medicine?

We offer a wide variety of regenerative medicine services! Because there is so much regenerative medicine has to offer, we have a website completely dedicated to our regenerative medicine services. You can visit our American Regenerative Medicine website to learn more by clicking the red button below.