Neuropathy Therapy

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For those seeking a practical peripheral neuropathy therapy, American Physical Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ provides powerful healing therapies as part of an integrated approach to wellness.
The first step in developing an effective therapy plan for neuropathy is identifying the type of neuropathy you have.

After obtaining your personal and family health history, we get many details from you about your current neuropathy symptoms, followed by an examination. These items give us a lot of information about your condition. If needed, additional testing may also be ordered to further clarify your condition. Some examples of additional tests may include lab testing, NCV/EMG test (a measure of nerve and muscle function), evaluation of your blood vessels, or possibly an MRI.

Once our medical professionals have the above information, we will assemble a therapy plan specifically for you. For example, if we have identified that the nerves in your feet and legs are damaged, we will focus therapy on the injured area of the nerve. If we identify a problem with your balance then we will address that with the best therapy option for helping to restore balance. Similarly, if we identify an injured disc in your lower back, then we will focus your therapy on the injured disc.

Unfortunately, many patients suffering from neuropathy may have several different sources of nerve damage. For example, a diabetic patient may have nerve damage in their feet and a herniated disc in their lower back causing nerve compression. The key to treating these more complicated situations is a proper evaluation to identify ALL the sources of the neuropathy, and then focusing therapy on each problem.  For example, that would mean treating both the nerves and the disc in the above example.

This may bring up a concern for those people who have been told they have idiopathic neuropathy. Remember, idiopathic neuropathy means ‘you have nerve damage and we don’t know why’. Even if no one has been able to figure out exactly why you have nerve damage, we may still be able to figure our where the nerve is damaged. We can then focus our therapy on the appropriate area where the damage occurred. Fortunately, with our physical medicine methods, we have been able to help many people with idiopathic neuropathy.

The most recent thoughts from experts on neuropathy are that most cases of neuropathy involve ischemia, which is a lack of blood supply. Blood flow is required for any of the organs and tissues of our body to heal. Whether it be the heart after a heart attack, a muscle after a muscle strain, or your skin after a cut, or scrape, the injured area needs blood supply to heal. Your nerves are no different. Blood flow brings in oxygen and nutrients necessary for healing an injured nerve and for normal everyday function. Because of this, much of our therapy is focused on improving blood flow to the area of nerve damage.

We use horizontal therapy and vitamin injections in our neuropathy wellness program. We have evaluated the benefits of countless therapies available for neuropathy, including laser, medications, lotions, creams, vitamins, acupuncture, and many others. Based on our research, our experience, and more importantly, the improvement we have seen in our patients, we believe we have assembled the absolute best wellness program available to those suffering from neuropathy.

Want to learn more about how our neuropathy treatment service at American Physical Medicine may be able to help you overcome pain and suffering?  Please give us a call today to schedule your free consultation!