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At American Physical Medicine, we provide safe and effective care, drawn from physical medicine disciplines, including physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional counseling and more. Providing a personalized plan for each patient, designed with age, condition, and lifestyle in mind, our medical team can help patients enhance well-being in order to live life to the fullest. Leading our team are our doctors…

Daniel J. Hall

Daniel J. Hall


Daniel J. Hall is a board certified doctor of nurse practitioner who specializes in physical medicine. He received his Doctor of Nursing from Arizona State University and became board certified through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Daniel also received his Bachelor’s of Science in nursing degree in 2013 from Arizona State University.

Daniel has specialized in pain management earning certificates in both Physical Medicine and rehabilitation, trigger point and joint therapy. He provides a variety of medical services such as management of chronic and acute illnesses, weight loss supervision, management of migraine headaches, treatment of arthritic joints, muscle spasms and pain. He is well known for his attention to detail and for his caring and dedication toward his patients.

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